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The mountain and the sea have been developing the community of evolution of the population of Southeastern Europe and the Bulgarian South Black Sea coast over the millennia. Monuments from the Thracian, Hellenistic and Roman eras, as well as the Byzantine and Bulgarian Middle Ages make Strandja and the South Black Sea a complex cultural route, which can enrich our understanding of the way European culture has changed over time.


Strandja Nature Park offers its visitors a unique and unforgettable experience. The low mountain and hilly terrain, as well as the network of well-maintained hiking trails are a good pre-condition for undertaking hiking tourism. The not-so-warm summer, the warm and long autumn, the relatively small number of cloudy days, and the lack of substantial temperature anomalies favor the development of tourism during all four seasons.

It is in a good and civilized taste to choose a vacation in an environmentally clean area and to consume products manufactured there. There is a great deal of exotics in the whole experience too.



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Get in touch with our specialists in the Directorate of Strandja Nature Park. They will provide additional information and will assist you with everything you need during your stay. The Directorate offers mountainous, ecological, ornithological, sporting and cultural routes, tour guides, useful tips when it comes to accommodation and the best place to eat.

Experienced local guides are waiting for you – get in touch with them, because your adventure of a lifetime is certainly possible. Entrepreneurial people from the associations in Stoilovo, Brashlyan, Brodilovo, Gramatikovo and Malko Tarnovo will make your vacation in Strandja truly special and unforgettable.


Tour guides in Strandja


Malko Tarnovo          

Stefan Zlatarov          0887 710 686

Diko Patronov            0886 012 259



Brashlyan village       

Zdravko Vasilev         0888 949 494

Petko Petkov              0886 320 188

Stamat Stamatov        0899 433 236


Bulgari village           

Ivan Lapchev              0887 665 191


Zvezdets village        

Kostadin Kostadinov 0889 316 572


Mladejko village        

Atanas Tyankov         0889 304 238


Slivarovo village        

Yanaki Gradev           0898 790 806


Stoilovo village         

Hristo Yanakiev        0887 809 807  

Kaloyan Andonov     0887 364 960

                               0898 786 068

Kondolovo village     

Kiro Kirov                  0889 864 441



Ivan Kamburov          0886 398 488