Evrenozovo Village

It is located 63 kilometers southwest of the city of Burgas, and 34 kilometers from the town of Malko Tarnovo, 300 m a.s.l.

Old names: Evrenos, Evrenkyoi. The name is derived from the Turkish word “evren” – “dragon”, and is associated with the large number of dolmens in its vicinity (the local population also calls them dragon houses).

Population: 46 residents

The village is situated in the upper catchment area of Mladejka river, between the Bosna and Zvezdechki hills. Its surroundings are rich in megalithic monuments. Dolmens can be found in the Honey spring, Raykov peak, and the Lukite areas. Usually, they are located in places with panoramas and an entrance on its southern end. A unicameral dolmen from the X-IX century B.C., a high burial mound and a Roman arched tomb dating back to ІV century AD have been found in the Honey Spring area, near the road Evrenozovo - Zvezdets. The stone tomb had semi-cylindrical arc, with krepis and mortar cement. The Thracian traditions of building burial mounds have been preserved in Strandja until the spread of Christianity.

A Thracian sanctuary of the oldest “umbo” or “omphal” type (from the Greek word “omphalos“ - bellybutton) is situated near the tomb. The symbol of the imaginary center of the world is widespread in the Old World. It is considered to be the link between the underworld, the middle ground and the upper world. The idea of the Omphala combines elements from shamanism, cult of the stone and the belief in the Mother Earth. The monolithic rock, located in the center of the krepis serves as a stone groove plug connecting the levels of the Universe. This is where the Thracian high priests performed rituals of the Orphic religious system.

The finds discovered in the sites attest for a high level of social and economic development of the local population in the Antiquity. The locals traded with the peoples of Asia Minor and insular Greece, and developed its own metallurgy and metal-production.

Veleka river with its old riverside forests of alder, fraxinus, and willows is located 5 kilometers from Evrenozovo. The meadows around the village are rich in orchids, and ornithologists have the opportunity to observe a red-rumped swallow, short-toed snake eagle, golden eagle, Egyptian vulture, masked shrike, and others.

The holiday of the village is the Day of Holy Trinity – 50 days after Easter.